About Dynamic Diagrams

Even with two decades of experience, we know that information design is not going to change the world.
But we can make it easier to understand.

IBM Thinkpad Setup Diagram


Dynamic Diagrams was founded by Paul Kahn and Krzysztof Lenk in 1990 as a design studio devoted to presenting information on the computer screen. With the emergence of the World Wide Web, the company expanded its scope, helping to refine the emergent discipline of information architecture in the process.

Now under the direction of Tim Roy, the company continues to expand its horizons, providing solutions not only in the area of user experience design of web sites and applications, but also visual explanation.


A Dynamic Diagrams engagement focuses on communication. Our goal isn’t an interface facelift or a stock illustration, but a complete audience-centered experience.

We begin with an deep analysis of your business goals, content, and audience. We explore the links between these elements and develop a strategy for bringing your idea, product, or web site to life. We review that strategy with you and your stakeholders. Then we apply powerful visual tools to distinguish your information  in a presentation designed to reach your audience.

We call this process “design for understanding” and it can help your organization produce lasting business benefits.