Louisiana Economic Development

In a state known for oil, shrimp, and entertainment, Louisiana Economic Development is tasked with increasing economic diversity by nurturing local business and encouraging national industries to relocate.

One of LED’s programs is the Digital Media Incentive, a tax credit designed to promote digital media and software development. Administrators of the incentive asked Dynamic Diagrams to create a PowerPoint deck for in-person presentations and an animation that could run on a trade show kiosk and eventually be uploaded to YouTube.

Meeting with corporate executives, an LED director might have 15 minutes to make a pitch worth millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs to the state. We designed our presentation to be direct, memorable, and clear. The result is a set of visual explanations that reach past the preconceptions of prospective employers and show them the breadth of the incentive and the ease of the application and redemption process.

One year later, we updated the presentation to broaden the target, from Digital Media to Digital Media and Software Development.